FN Scar - Update: 02

Work In Progress / 30 January 2022


I've been busy this week and managed to finish the highpoly as planned, I also had time to finish up the lowpoly & UVs! :D

Progress so far:

Recently I've been doing some test-baking in order to fix issues with the Lowpoly & UV's, while also optimizing for maximal UV real-estate and the usual triscount. 

I take optimizing my UV-space very seriously, and like to stack as many shells as possible - without sacrificing major model accuracy. That way I get more texture resolution, and most importantly - I don't have to texture as big of an area manually. I also decided to split up the optic to another UV-set, as that will enable for the scope to be changed out / removed without wasting a major part of the texture.


Lowpoly - Around 10k tris with optic - 8k wihout

Shells highlighted in green are stacked

Bake result

Next week I want to have set up all my base materials in Substance Painter, and will probably do some tweaks to my highpoly. My bakes turned out fine without too many errors, however I'll have to further smooth out the highpoly to better catch the highlights.

I'm looking forward to some 3 weeks of texturing and polish! My goal is to really push my texturing skills, so this will be interesting ;)

Thanks for reading, and I'll catch u next week for another update. Cheers!