Winchester 1897 - Update 01

Work In Progress / 01 May 2022

Hi all! It's blog time! :D

There has been a lot of stuff happening during the last month. I recently just finished my game-art portfolio, and TGA had their annual Meet And Greet earlier this week - which was a lot of fun! Thanks to all the amazing game studios for attending this year! I also had a blast writing the article for the Games Artist website!

But with all that done and dusted, I finally have some time to work on personal projects again. And would you believe it - it's another gun!

I have been working on and off on this for the last 2-3 weeks, so I've managed to get it baked and begun with some base-materials. There is still some minor tweaks needed on the lowpoly, but the next two weeks will most likely be spent on the texturing and presentation.

Really exited to be working on a personal project again.

But with that said, until next time! Cheers!