Winchester 1897 - Update 03

Work In Progress / 11 June 2022

Hi all!

Progress is steadily being made and I think the end is finally in sight - so this will hopefully be the last update for the Winchester!

I have been focusing most of my time recently on the wood, and really pushing it as far as I can. I've also worked a little on the metal - adding some more wear and breakup to the surfaces.

Now I want to work on implementing some really good feedback I got about adding more personality and storytelling to the material. There are also a couple of areas around the cylindrical forms where I want to straighten out the normal map a bit more. Apart from the texturing, I want to spend some time on the presentation and push my lighting a bit further.

I also really need to get my hands on some more RAM, since I've been wanting to try texturing in 4k - but substance seems to be eating my 16gb of ram for breakfast... But that will probably have to wait until the next project.

That's all for now. Cheers!