FN Scar - Update: 01

Work In Progress / 23 January 2022

Hi! I'm testing out this blog thing - Enjoy! :D

Finally got started on a new project:

I've wanted to make the FN Scar as a game-art project for some time now. My primary goal with this one is to expand my "material vocabulary" by exploring polymer and plastics, along with other modern-day weapon materials.

Progress so far:

In the first week, I'm about 80 percent done with the highpoly in Zbrush. I've planned for one more week to finish up the highpoly and start looking into the lowpoly - which should be feasible, considering that the only major parts remaining of the highpoly is to model a suitable scope and magazine.

My goal is to be able to spend the better part of three weeks on the texturing alone, as it is the main focus of the project.

Early reference board

Thanks for reading! I'll try to keep this blog updated about once every week. Cheers!